I'm a GoodReads user testing new waters after the serious website changes. I mostly read fiction, usually Anglophone classics/ modern classics; I like nonfiction (mostly social and cultural history), good fantasy and graphic novels. For guilty pleasure, I read advice and how-to books. I made at least two reading resolutions recently; 1. read less, live more; 2. read books which give me more pleasure. I have poor filters, and books I find stylistically pleasing tend to be depressing, so I need to do something about that; if you think you know a book that is very well written, but won't make me weep, please drop me a line.


Home - Toni Morrison Having read this, I cannot stop thinking of my elderly Jewish friend, a Holocaust survivor. I'm not an American, but I was born in a country where literally a half of the total Holocaust death toll took place, and sometimes, speaking to her - and she is a wonderful, humorous, beautiful human being - I feel just as uncomfortable as I did when I was reading this book. She is, like Toni Morrison, someone who grew up with a bitter awareness of a murderous injustice and cruelty beyond belief done to her race, and Home is laced with reminders of the same injustice, like pieces of broken glass. To me, this is an aging person's call to remember, and perhaps this is why I feel Morrison is somewhat rougher with her readers this time.

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